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Welcome to Project Mynd!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Project Mynd is a Student-Led initiative that aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of mental health and encourage more people to explore the world of psychology. These visions will be achieved through the form of informative research articles, an exclusive podcast, and a forum that allows anyone to post discussion topics, express their mind, and give advice.

Meet the Founders

Hi <33 My name is Lianna Lee, a current Y12 student at KGV, and I am the Project Owner and one of the co-founders of Project Mynd :) I studied GCSE Psychology and am currently studying IB Psychology at a higher level, with aspirations of becoming a paediatric psychiatrist in the future.

Ever since my parents' divorce and other personal experiences, I have developed a passion for psychology with the goal of further understanding the human mind. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to launch Project Mynd, as I would also like to help others understand their behaviours, and broaden their perspectives on psychology! I hope that this platform will encourage everyone to feel comfortable in expressing themselves and even raise awareness of the mental health of minority groups in Hong Kong.


Welcome to Project Mynd! My name is Ivan Png, a former student at KGV and a current G11 student at UWCE in Singapore. As a co-founder, I aim to make a difference in the community through Project Mynd.

Many people I know experience emotional distress , which is why I have always been interested in understanding mental health issues, to learn how to become a better supporter. I also enjoy learning about human behaviour, especially why we do what we do. These are reasons why I look forward to raising awareness on mental health to not just one, but all kinds of audiences in the community, even without pre-existing knowledge in Psychology. Overall, my goal is for our efforts and work to leave a positive impact, and for this project to continue for years to come.

On the behalf of Project Mynd, I welcome you to interact on our platform and especially read the articles published by our hardworking researchers and designers, who all wish you a warm welcome.


Hello! My name is Hayley Soon! I am currently a Y12, BTEC Art & Design student at KGV and I am one of the Co-Founders of Project Mynd.

Although I have not studied Psychology, due to my own experiences with mental health issues, I am incredibly passionate about advocating for mental health. I believe the first step to this is increasing the accessibility of information, which is what Project Mynd is here for! I hope that through Project Mynd we can help people understand their minds better, and learn more about psychology as well as mental health issues and how to cope with them. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to aid this initiative and use my creative skills for this project. LOTS OF LOVE XOXOXO <3

Our aims

We are a team of students that are dedicated to raising awareness on topics of Mental Health and encouraging others to develop an interest in psychology. Not only is our goal to emphasise the importance of mental health, but it is also to create a safe and friendly platform for everyone to speak their mind and most importantly, release stress.

What to look forward to

As of now, we have launched our Project Mynd website and Instagram Page, which will be the 2 main platforms where articles and advice will be posted. Later in the year, Project Mynd's exclusive podcast will be introduced on Youtube, and short clips will be posted through Instagram Reels. We will also be working on webinars for parents and students, where discussions regarding mental health will take place, for tips and statistics to be shared, with the goal of helping to build closer relationships between both parties. Fundraising events to expand our contributions to society will be further confirmed in 2023.

Please stick around for all the upcoming events that will be launched throughout the years :D

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